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Brewery Piebalgas alus

Brewery Piebalgas alus basic facts

  • *The company was founded in 1989
  • *The first original beer recipe is made in 1991
  • *In 1995 sort of beer “Piebalgasalus” as well as the brand PIEBALGAS ALUS is registered
  • *In 2000 the company received ISO 14001 certificate that assures compliance with the highest standards of environment management system of the company. That includes continuous improvements and development of environment system.
  • *Large expansion of the manufacturing is done in 2003 co-financed by the SAPARD program. The capacity of the manufactory increases to 5,5million liters per year.
  • *In 2005 company receives the Certificate of Recognition confirming that the Company assures compliance with food industry requirements of European Union

Uniqueness and originality of PIEBALGAS beer

The originality of beer: it is always live!

The beer is unique because:

  • *It is high quality beer that combines the use of high technologies during the brewing process with classic taste. It gives the opportunity to taste traditional, natural and unpasteurized live beer;
  • *This is a great combination of the New and the Ancient.. First of all, the Ancient is the brewing process that is done in accordance with 1512 German Regulations of clearness of beer otherwise known as the traditions of Brewers’ Code of Honor. Secondly, to prove the skills, beer is brewed using only four natural ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and yeast. The New in our case is the equipment and technology-both environmentally friendly, as well as the sales service that we provide.

Brewery Piebalgas alus
Gaujas iela 2, Jaunpiebalga, Jaunpiebalgas pagasts,
Jaunpiebalgas novads, Latvija LV -4125
Phone: .+371 67892722
Fax: +371 67612855


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