Latvia Export 2016 export directory


JSC LODE is the largest producer of ceramic construction materials in Baltic States. The company is operating since 1958 and its development is continued by improving its scope of products as well as extending the boundaries of the export markets.

The slogan for advancing of the company products is “A Natural Answer to the Artificial World!”. This is the most precise characterization of the essence of the product – it is organic, qualitative, environmentally friendly, and durable.

The most important products are the ceramic finishing bricks for walls of the buildings – for esthetic enjoyment and durability, as well as the KERATERM blocks – for solid and energy saving solution for the bearing walls.

The brands LODE and KERATERM are approved by the customers not only in Latvia but also in Estonia, Poland, Russia and Belorussia; they are utilized as well in residential building and offices as in leisure centers and churches.

The JSC LODE staff is really proud of its investment in development of better living environment for their neighbors. It is pleasant to do the job that brings enjoyment to others.

Valdis Zariņš
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Varis Lagzdiņš
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Fakss: +371 67378022


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