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La Foca Latvia

La Foca Latvija manufactures of timber frame houses “Platform frame” and “Block House” in the field of bio-construction and it has worked for European market since 1960.

We can supply:
– inner and outer walls
– intermediate floor
– roofing system
– entire frameworks for residential and public constructions

La Foca Latvija uses the sandwich frame system, allowing different exterior finishing types: from exposed brick to plastering coat and wood. Insulation, inside the frames, is created thanks to different materials: glass wool, mineral wool, wood wool, etc.

The building supporting structure is made of wood. La Foca Latvija is able to develop very reliable production processes and construction techniques so to allow the building of high capacity structures, with multiple floors and mansarded roofs for both residential and public buildings.

The Platform Frame system  can comply with any modular design and techniques in the wood made architectural building, exploiting a frame structure with high stability, earthquake proof and high energy saving capacity.

Till nowadays we have supplied  frame structures for various residential and recreation houses, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, sports facilities and other buildings in Latvia, Italy, France and other European countries.

Tel: +37167971200
Fax: +37167971211
Adrese: Siljēkas – 1, Sigulda, Siguldas nov. LV2150.


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